15 reasons why cats are awesome


As cat lovers, we admit to being totally biased when it comes to our pets. Why cats are awesome? Cats have taken over the web in recent years. Today cats are the most sought after animals on-line. Cat videos are everywhere we look, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or BuzzFeed. It turns out that cats are the most popular animal on the internet today. From their adorable faces, to their nutty nature cats are awesome in so many ways. Now, let’s take a look at our top 15 reasons to why cats are absolutely amazing.

1. Cats are independent, they do not require constant attention.

2. Cats are quiet, they tip toe in and tip toe out.

3. Cat love is a beautiful thing.

4. Cats are some of the cleanest animals.

5. Cats are natural born cuddles, if you are having a bad day, curling up with your cat could be all you need.

6. Cat love sleep, and so do we!

7. Why cats are awesome? They even say bless you after a sneeze.

8. Cats love to explore the great outdoors.

9. Cats are majestic creatures with their awesome dragon like eyes.

10. Cats are mysterious creatures, one look at a cat can leave us charmed.

11. Cats use some of the most adorable poses in the animal kingdom.

12. Cat noses are known to be dangerously cute.

13. Cats are super intelligent, they even know when you’re calling them, even though they might choose to ignore.

14. Cats have great reflexes, they float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…

15. Cats are awesome, they pull of the funniest, and cutest faces ever.



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